NATIONAL (CBS) — Apple is warning users of security flaws that could allow hackers to take complete control of your device. The tech giant quietly released two security reports Wednesday, revealing vulnerabilities for iPhones, iPads and Macs.

“This is what we call a zero-day vulnerability when it’s been exploited by a hacker before the company, in this case Apple, have detected it and been able to do something about it,” says Mandiant’s Senior Threat Intelligence Advisor, Jamie Collier.

Apple indicates it thinks the two security flaws are related. One affects the browser engine that powers Safari and other applications, and the second would potentially allow hackers full access to your device.

“Hackers can actually have admin rights to those devices,” says technology expert Burton Kelso. “So, that means that they have access to all of the information on your iPhone.”

The affected devices include iPhone 6s models and later, iPad 5th generation and later, iPad Air 2 and all iPad Pro models, Mac computers running the Monterey operating system, and even some iPods.

Apple did not say where the vulnerabilities were discovered or by whom, citing only an anonymous researcher in its reports.

But experts say these security flaws are bound to happen with evolving technologies.

“I think, critically, we need to remain calm. We see vulnerabilities being announced all the time,” says Collier. “I think what is important here is they have made that update available and it seems they’ve done that really quickly.”

Apple is advising users to install those updates immediately.