DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Several people used Wednesday’s Danville Board of Education meeting to ask them to save the Cannon Elementary building.

“When you look at the architecture of the building, it’s a beautiful building,” said one of those individuals, who said both of his children went to Cannon. “It’s 100 years old this year. Isn’t there some way we can save that and preserve it for the future. Surely there’s a need for it somewhere.” He went on to ask if it would be better to preserve the building instead of tearing it down.

The school closed several years ago because of excessive flood water damage. It was estimated to cost more than $8 million to fix. At the time, the District moved students out of the building, leaving it empty ever since.

Another resident asked to use various district funds to revamp the building. Superintendent Dr. Alicia Geddis said there is a lot of background to what it would cost to bring the building back to life. Those concerned with the cost and what money could be used on that building were put in contact with Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education John Hart to get that background.