Company investigating email breach

CHAMPAIGN — Scammers stole personal information from 4,000 restaurant workers, including some who live in central Illinois. The security breech involved someone in the payroll department of Scotty’s Brewhouse. Now restaurant leaders are trying to warn their workers and help them figure out what to do from here.
Scotty’s is based in Indiana. Indianapolis Metro Police officers have been working on this case since Monday. A police report says someone posing as the CEO of Scotty’s emailed a payroll worker, asking for W2 forms from all 4,000 of their employees. The payroll director says the email wasn’t really from the CEO, but those W2 forms were all sent along.
They’ve already contacted the IRS about it. Now Scotty’s Brewhouse leaders are trying to make sure their workers know, so they can take the right precautions to keep their information safe. The Champaign location is the newest brewhouse. It opened in December.
Scotty’s officials say no customer information was compromised. They’re working with police to figure out who’s behind this and to try to keep workers’ information from getting misused. Company leaders are also taking steps to help their workers. They will offer one year of credit monitoring for them for free. They’ll also provide resources to help them keep an eye on their credit. The IRS sent warnings about a scam like this last year.

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