Community organizers encourage activism


CHAMPAIGN — Dozens attended a meeting encouraging community activism. Speakers said the political system is broken and there’s only one way to fix it. They call this “Hood Politics.”

The idea is to get people across all neighborhoods to unite. It’s an election year, which means politics are in the spotlight, but the message organizers want to get across is that voting is not enough to make real change.

The event was held by the Zeta Zi Lamdba alumni chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the local Black Lives Matter chapter. They say social and political injustice among the minority population can’t simply be “voted” away.

Rather, they want the community to continue to fight through activism. Organizers say the problem is a large part of the public doesn’t see what’s really going on.

“Voting is not enough. There has to be protests. There has to be other things going on because our government, they continue to feed us lies, give us lies, until we eventually go to sleep or forget about what’s going on but through grassroots movements, we are continuing to actively engage the public who don’t know our struggle and just continue that dialogue.”

Tuesday night, a panel of community leaders talked about issues they say black people should consider while voting. Speakers say there’s a need for grass roots movements to supplement their goals when hitting the polls.

In addition to encouraging more activism, the other goal of the event was to educate voters on the way the system works and talk about ways it could, or should, be changed.

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