ASSUMPTION, Ill. (WCIA) — An entire community is reeling after a deadly crash that happened Tuesday morning.

A car carrying four students at Central A&M High School was involved in a crash on US Route 51 at Leafland Street. The 16-year-old driver was killed and his three passengers, all 14 or 15 years old, were seriously hurt.

One doesn’t have to live anywhere near the accident to have this situation pull at their heart. People across Central Illinois are offering prayers to the students who were hurt.

Freshmen Toby Brook and Isaac Rund said their friends were involved and they are scared for them.

“I just woke up and looked at my phone and I saw a ton of people texting me and telling everyone that there was a really bad accident and some of our friends had gotten hurt,” Brook said.

What should have been another summer morning was anything but for Central A&M Students.

“They we’re all going to weights in the same car,” Rund said.

State Police said the teens were stopped at a stop sign, then pulled out into the intersection and were hit by a truck, the driver of which was not hurt. Three of the teens were airlifted to the hospital and a fourth was taken by ambulance. One of the airlifted teens later died.

“When I just heard it, I didn’t really realize the gravity of it or how real it actually was,” Rund said.

“I am definitely scared for my friends,” Brook said. “I’m definitely sorry about the entirety of this, that it happened especially to people who were so young.”

As news of the crash spread, the school opened the library for the community to gather and mourn.

“It was just sad,” Rund said. “I guess it felt good that everyone was there together.”

“It was nice to see that people were coming together to get behind a terrible tragedy that happened, but a really saddening mood,” Brook said.

The principal said his messages are open for students who need to talk to someone. The Moweaqua Fire Department also encouraged people in need of help to reach out.

There is no word on the present conditions of the three students who have survived into the evening.