Community members speak out after hate crime flyers with racial slur spread across city


DANVILLE, Ill (WCIA) — Police are investigating racist propaganda that was spread across the city overnight. They are looking into it as a felony hate crime.

People in Danville woke up to the threatening flyers posted across their city. Erinn Brimbury found one on her windshield.

“I was just shook. I was disgusted,” says Brimbury. That takes time, energy, and effort. I couldn’t believe it.”

It includes the ‘N’ word and reads: “If police will not protect you…skinheads will! Stop the hate, segregate!”

Brimbury says the flyers were put on almost every single car in her apartment’s parking lot.

“There are black children in this apartment complex. I am a substitute teacher at Danville. I teach black children. I can’t imagine going to the car and seeing that as a child,” says Brimbury.

That was not the only targeted spot. Police say people called in from several areas to report the propaganda. Officers went out to collect evidence and say some of the flyers were placed in zip-lock bags with small rocks.

One community leader says even though this white supremacist message may come as a shock to some people, to her, it’s no surprise.

“We know that there will be pushback anytime that we stand up and speak,” says Mary Catherine Roberson.

Roberson recently spoke at Danville’s peaceful Black Lives Matter protest. She says anytime there is a swell of support like that, there is bound to be backlash.

“We don’t put energy into arguing with those people. We don’t put energy into feeding those people because that depletes the energy that we need to fight for our rights and our equality,” says Roberson. “We push forward together.”

Danville police is asking people and businesses to look at their own security footage between midnight and 7AM.

DPD shared a statement saying (in part): “The Danville Police Department and the citizens it serves will not tolerate the incitement of violence or hate in any form as well as attempts to create divisiveness.”

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