Community member replaces decorations stolen from girl’s gravesite


CLINTON, Ill. (WCIA) — A family is begging someone to return what they stole from Woodland Cemetery. Items were taken from a little girl’s gravesite. The 10-year-old died last November.

It’s heartbreaking for her family. They went to a lot of trouble to set up something special for her and can’t believe someone would do this.

“To us, honoring Rosie is by keeping the tradition, her name, alive,” said her mother Jackie Ocampo.

That tradition is decorating Rosie Osario’s gravesite.

“It just comforts me. That’s how I feel close to her, and that she’s here, and there’s a part of me there,” she explained.

Osario was found unresponsive in a Clinton home. The 10-year-old loved castles and Christmas. Her sister Amairani Osorio says they come here every holiday.

“It’s hard to deal with a child’s loss, so it just makes us feel better, and we know that it would make her happy, so we just keep continuing it just to make her happy,” she said.

“Everybody comes here and sees her trees, and they’re like waiting to see what are we gonna put up next, and children come and visit her that didn’t even know her either, and we didn’t know that she made such an impact on the community and how loved she is,” said Ocampo.

Thursday morning, the site looked different than they’d left it.

“We noticed yesterday morning when we came that her little toy soldiers were gone,” said Ocampo. “For people just to come and take stuff, it just… it’s so hurtful. It just hurts a lot.”

The family is asking whoever took it to do the right thing.

“They wouldn’t even have to say anything. They could just come and drop them off right back here,” said Ocampo.

The family bought the soldiers that were stolen, but people from the community already donated some nutcrackers in their place and are also ordering soldiers like the ones that were taken to replace them.

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