DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — One organization is trying to stop gun violence by reaching out to kids.

Danville Community Church of God is hosting an anti-violence basketball tournament on Saturday.

It’ll be at Garfield Park in Danville.

Leaders say they want to give kids a chance to come out, spend time with people in the community, and learn how to positively deal with conflict.

They hope this event will encourage kids to make positive choices.

“Iff we can leave an impression upon them to say hey, this is how you ought to deal with violence, let us show you how to do that in a more positive and constructive way, then that’s our goal,” said Lestan Hoskins, the senior pastor at Danville Community Church of God.

Registration is open until 12 on Saturday.

Right now, there are about 85 kids signed up.

The church expects more than 100 participants.