Community leaders discuss gun violence


Decatur, Ill. (WCIA) —

Community leaders, education and mental health professions, parents, and youth leaders met tonight to tackle a troubling topic in their cities. Gun violence. The group held a panel in an attempt to stop it.

One of the items discussed in the forum was to get people to not be afraid to speak up if a loved one is committing crimes.

They also said people are struggling with mental health right now. The panel also discussed the need for parents and the community to be more observant of the youth.

The Decatur superintendent also said students are nervous about their loved ones being killed, so that causes them to do worse in school, which then may cause them to not get their diploma then lose the opportunity to get a job.

The organizers behind this forum were personally impacted by gun violence.

“So I’ve been in Springfield my entire life and unfortunately I lost several friends to gun violence when I was in high school,” Lisa Badger, organizer of the panel, said.

“My little brother, a young man that I raised, was shot, after my nephew was shot in Springfield,” Reverend Courtney Carson, organizer, said.

They hoped this forum would raise ideas to stop gun violence in their communities. The panel also included former gang members. They said they have put that life behind them because there was so much sadness and deaths

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