Community groups call on congressman through carols


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Two groups decided to sing a different kind of Christmas carols today for one congressman, even though no one in his office was there to hear them.

Citizen Action Illinois and the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans sang prescription themed songs outside of Representative Rodney Davis’ office in Champaign on Wednesday. It’s in support of the Lower Drug Costs Now Act, or H.R. 3. It would force the government to negotiate prices on hundreds of drugs.

One veteran said people should get the same sort of help that he does with his prescriptions.

“I’m fortunate as a veteran that I get my prescription drugs at a much lower cost than my wife who is not a veteran. Because the VA forces the drug companies to bid for the drug business, and that’s what Rodney Davis should be supporting with HR 3. That Medicare bids for this business.”

H.R. 3 is expected to go up for a vote this week, but Davis isn’t in support of it. He’s instead backing the Republican’s version that was just introduced: The Lower Costs, More Cures Act, or H.R. 19. Davis said H.R. 3 would mean fewer new treatments would become available for Americans.

“The Congressional Budget Office found that the Democrats’ bill will lead to fewer drugs moving to the market and as the husband of a cancer survivor, I am extremely concerned about this,” said Davis. “Americans shouldn’t have to give up access to new treatments as they do in Canada and the United Kingdom. We should be able to lower costs without limiting new cures. The bill I’m backing lowers costs without sacrificing new drug treatments. The language in this bill was negotiated between Republicans and Democrats and could become law if Speaker Pelosi would put it on the floor. Unfortunately, H.R. 3 was negotiated between only Democrats and has moved so far left that it has no chance of becoming law.”

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