Community college gets grant to help people get jobs


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — A new grant will help prepare people for the work force. It’s worth $225,000 and will go toward a program at Danville Area Community College that helps underemployed and unemployed people. This grant comes from the Illinois Community College Board.

The money from the grant will go to three different kinds of students. One of those categories is those who have graduated, but lack basic skills required to be reliable employees.

DACC leaders talked to manufacturers in that area to find out what they’re looking for in employees. Those companies say they need more people with basic workforce skills.

“So many of these students really can’t handle just life and they don’t understand how to work in a job. Come to the job on time. Pull your pants up. Look the boss in the eye. And then, this is the miraculous one, when you go to lunch, you actually come back from lunch and go to work,” said Danville Area Community College President Dr. Stephen Nacco.

This program is for people of any age. In the next year, companies in Vermilion County say they’ll need about 2,000 new workers. While it will boost some of the programs the college already has, it will also allow them to include welding. The plan is for the program to start December 19.

Their goal is to have 70 students involved in the program. This grant will also help give students money to help them stay in school. College leaders say they don’t want them to drop out because of life issues. It will help them pay for tuition, books, and other fees.

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