College cost: Illinois ranks 12th


NATIONAL (WCIA) — A new report lists Illinois as the twelfth most expensive state for college tuition in the U.S. Average in-state tuition costs $16,915 and out-of-state tuition runs $20,325.

The average tuition cost for each state was compiled for schools with the following criteria:

  • Offer bachelor’s and graduate degrees
  • Offer in-person learning (i.e., are not “distance-education” only)
  • Operate on an academic year (i.e., do not have open enrollment)

From there, each state’s in-state and out-of-state tuition was considered as well as the net cost to attend college in each state.

Rankings reflect the total cost of attendance for a first-year, full-time student, including in-state tuition and fees; books and supplies; and living expenses (minus the average grant or scholarship aid amount—which can actually bump net cost below the advertised tuition rate).

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