CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The College Board has released an official curriculum for AP African American studies.

The change came after heavy criticism from Florida governor Ron DeSantis who said the courses ‘lack educational value.’

Critical race theory, black queer studies, and black feminism are just a few of the AP courses that are being demoted. The subjects are no longer part of the exam and are only offered on a list of options for a required research project.

DeSantis has often criticized these courses, most recently CRT, which is based on the premise that racism is embedded in American society.

In the revised curriculum, content on Africa, slavery, and the civil rights movement largely remained the same. One U of I professor Leonard Cornell McKinnis said subjects shouldn’t be removed because they make people uncomfortable.

“We’re asking both white, Blacks, Asians, our government officials to think about what it might mean to have an American project,” McKinnis said. “To have an American historical project that is true to the narrative of American history that does not shy away from those tough questions.”

U of I senior Miles Moore said being taught lessons that aren’t pleasant is a part of life.

“Being comfortable is not really the purpose of learning,” Moore said. “Especially being in college, you’re not here to be comfortable, you’re here to learn something. So, learning something outside of your comfort zone is probably the most productive thing you can do in terms of your own education.”