Coffee prices may be increasing


Urbana, Ill. (WCIA) —

Small and mid-sized roasters across the u-s have seen an increase in costs. The good news? There’s not a huge impact on you as a customer, at least right now.

“Going to cafes in the area it does seem that everybody has increased prices a little bit,” Alex Rogers, barista at Caffe Paradiso, said.

There’s been an increase in transportation costs during the pandemic leading to higher coffee prices for companies, and some of that could end up getting passed onto you. That can be frustrating for coffee drinkers.

Caffe Paradiso in Urbana says they’ve raised prices a little bit, but its not going to impact you too much.

“Yeah, coffee prices have increased a little bit. I don’t know if we can really pinpoint along the chain when that increase has been,” Rogers said.

They say most coffee shops have been impacted by this. WCIA talked with Columbia Street Roastery in Champaign. They’ve noticed a rise in prices, but they say that’s because of a container shortage.

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