CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — One coach is not only teaching his team basketball. He’s hoping to achieve Victory Over Violence by giving back to his community.

The Central boy’s basketball coach says he wants his players to develop skills off the court, so he wants them to give back to those who are constantly helping others, like the Champaign Police Department.

So they’re going to dinner. He said the officers and his team are going to sit down and have some pizza. The coach said he wants his players to learn what it takes to be a police officer and how much they do for the community. He says some of his players want to be cops or some may not know how to interact with cops, so this is building that bridge.

“We want to try and build some relationships with our Champaign Police department and just talk,” LeConte Nix, Central boy’s head basketball coach said. “Mostly show some appreciation on our part that they’re doing a bunch for us so we want to take care of them, just like they take care of us.”

He said he wants to give the police credit for all that they do. He went on to say his players are excited to meet with the department. They will be going to Papa Dels to eat on Thursday. They have done other community service acts, like reading to younger children.