Clinton visits Capital City


SPRINGFIELD — Fans and admirers gathered to support presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. There were some protesters as well. Some felt indifferent and others peacefully protested against her, but most people say they’re just excited to be around a presidential candidate. 

“It’s just really exciting. I’m a history major, so this is a historic event. That’s why I want to be here.” 

Hundreds of people gathered in the heart of downtown to see on presidential candidate. 

“I think it’s the right time for her to come. This was a good day to come, the day before the election. I wish her all the best.” 

But, not everyone was there to stand by Clinton. One protester says this is not his first rally. He was in Chicago last week when Donald Trump was scheduled to speak at the UIC Pavilion. 

“I’ve seen the mayhem and anarchy. I don’t like it. I ask the Secret Service if I could stand here with my sign. If people want to yell at me, whatever, that’s fine. I won’t be interacting with them.” 

Wayda says everyone has a right to stand up for who they want to be their next president, but it doesn’t have to be aggressive. 

“I”m not going to annoy anyone or cause any problems. These people have a right to participate in the protest and the way they want to participate and protesters should, but you need to be respectful.” 

Others say they’re glad Clinton chose to make an appearance in the state’s Capitol. 

“You know, she picked Springfield to come here so it’s perfect for the city and everyone’s excited. It’s a lot of excitement going around.” 

Police officers and EMT’s are also standing by just in case anything were to happen. Only a limited number of tickets were given out.

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