Clinton Lake is Open Again


CLINTON, Ill. (WCIA) – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources closed Clinton Lake a few days ago.

One man said he visits the lake all the time and over the last several day the water had taken over parking lots, sidewalks, and the beach.

Now, boaters are getting back on the lake after it’s been closed because of flooding.

“With the torrential amount of rain we’ve had, the water came up. We’ve had rain events like that before where waters come up, but it’s immediately receded. This time it didn’t immediately recede. So, all of our launches were flooded and just as a safety measure we needed to keep people off those launches,” John Williamson, a captain with the Illinois Conservation Police said.

He said it was a concern for drivers as they tried to launch their boats and he was worried about boats on the water causing a wake and flooding facilities.

Greg Roberds said he visits the lake pretty often to camp. He drove up for the weekend on Friday. That’s when the storms hit.

“The next morning we came down here and it was completely flooded and the Boondocks was closed the water was clear up over these sidewalks we’re standing on here,” Roberds said.

He said he’s never seen anything like it.

“At first we were kind of bummed because it was raining and we were camping, but on the other hand we got to experience it first hand,” he said. “And it was pretty amazing driving around and seeing everything and how high the water was.”

Captain Williamson said water has been going down over the last few days and went down over a foot right before they decided to re-open the lake. He expects the water to continue moving in that direction.

Even though the lake is now open, the beach remains closed because it’s still very much underwater.

Williams said if they get any more severe rain they could close the lake again.

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