Tuesday Update – 7:30a: Mayor Dan Dickey says the Boil Order notice has been lifted for the community.

Gibson City, Ill. (WCIA) – The Gibson City community is under a city-wide boil order until further notice.

The city is working as efficiently as possible to repair and resolve a large water main break.

An announcement will be made when the order is lifted.

The city initially posted to social media that crews were trying to repair a large break near 12th Street and State Street.

Gibson City Mayor Dan Dickey says, “We think we’re having an increase in water main breaks because of the flood last year. State Street was an area that was hit hard by the flood. We think the saturation of water caused by the flood shifted the soil around our underground infrastructure causing more breaks than we typically had in the past. Most breaks happen when the ground freezes and thaws. We’re having breaks in the middle of the summer which is very unusual. ”

We’re working to learn how much water was lost and how long the order will last.

Please stay with WCIA as this story develops.