City urges community to help end gun violence


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Officials with the City of Champaign are urging the community to help put an end to gun violence.

In a letter from the City, officials stated, “The City of Champaign makes a plea to the community to end the senseless gun violence that has taken the lives of two people and injured eight others over the past two weeks.” They said the shootings caused property damage to homes, an MTD bus, other cars and put the lives of residents and children in danger.

“This type of behavior, perpetrated by a small group of individuals who have chosen to settle disagreements with bullets instead of words, puts lives at risk and must stop,” leaders said. “This is a blatant disregard for human life and the City grieves with the families and community members who have lost loved ones through these senseless acts.”

They said many of the recent shootings were targeting specific people as a result of an ongoing feud between people. “Recent shooting scenes have included an unusually high number of rounds of ammunition being fired and the use of high-power rifle rounds capable of penetrating homes,” officials said.

While the City said they are grateful for the work of local law enforcement agencies, they stated they know police cannot do this alone. “The City of Champaign is calling upon our community, neighbors, and family members to help us stop the violence and to hold those accountable for their actions.” They continued to urge anyone with information about the recent shootings, to talk to police.

Champaign Police are able to make arrangements to receive information privately by calling (217) 351-4545. You can also share your tip anonymously through Champaign County Crime Stoppers by calling (217) 373-TIPS or online.

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