City to change marijuana ordinances


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — It will soon be legal in the state to have recreational marijuana. Now the city is making sure its ordinances will match state law.

The city council unanimously voted at Monday night’s study session to direct staff to write up amendments to the city’s ordinances regarding marijuana. Right now, ordinances prohibit possessing any marijuana and paraphernalia associated with it. If no ordinances are amended, marijuana violations would fall under state jurisdiction and could carry jail time and a criminal record instead of a fine.

Under new state law, starting January 1, 2020, people 21 and older will be allowed to to possess 1 oz or less of cannabis, as well as products containing 500 mg of THC. The city will draft an amended ordinance to reflect the new law.

The city also plans to make new cannabis related codes, including making it illegal to use while in public, as well as while in a business that sells it. It will also be illegal to smoke or ingest cannabis while in a vehicle, and it has to be secured and inaccessible while the vehicle is moving.

City council will vote on the amendments at a future meeting.

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