City targeting trees on private property


URBANA — Public Works says anyone who has an ash tree on their property should consider having it treated or removed this coming spring.

They say emerald ash borer infestations have peaked in the city. With the help of volunteers, the city arborist has identified more than a hundred dead ash trees on private property. He says those property owners could be expecting a letter soon. The department is working on a cost-sharing program to make it less expensive for owners to have their ash trees taken care of.

“We want to inform people,” says city arborist Mike Brunk, “Because not everybody knows they have an ash tree. And all of a sudden the thing is dead, and then they have to deal with it. So we want to send letters out to people who have these private ash trees. Let them know they have an ash tree, and in fact, what kind of shape is it in.”

Brunk says they’ve identified more than 400 ash trees on private property. 114 of them are dead, and 172 appear to be healthy.

And heads up if you have oak trees on your property– Brunk says he believes they could be the next to fall ill. A bacterial disease called Bacterial Leaf Scorch (BLS) is making its way toward the area.


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