City shares reminder for guidelines on protests and peaceful gatherings


CHAMPAIGN, Ill.(WCIA)- Protests in Champaign could look different from now on. The city is reminding people about the rules of using chalk on sidewalks and protest activities. This comes after protesters wrote in front of the Rogue barbershop. The city’s legal department put out a list of what people can and cannot do. But, City officials did not directly state the guidelines were released because of this.

Municipal Code Chapter 23-80 has rules related to graffiti. This code mentions that only kids under 13 and their parents or legal guardians can chalk on private property. These are not new rules, but just a reminder. Protest organizer Peter Sentz says Champaign’s priorities are mixed up.

“I have seen no statement about homelessness or health care or hungry children I have only now seen a statement about chalk on a sidewalk. and protecting owners of private property I think the cities priorities are completely misplaced we need to be worried about humans lives and human dignity.”

Starting Thursday the city will begin cleaning graffiti throughout the city. If you want to read a reminder of the rules, you can go here.

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