City shares guidelines for peaceful gatherings

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — City officials are sharing guidelines on how people can exercise their rights to peacefully assemble while staying safe.

In a release, officials said “Champaign is a city of compassion with deep respect for social diversity, and we must remember to treat one another as neighbors with a common goal to become stronger, more educated and more just.” They continued to say the City’s Legal Department has created a set of guidelines on gatherings “where City Ordinances, State Law or other legal principals may be relevant for organizers to be aware of.” You can see that document by clicking here. Officials said the guidelines will continue to be updated.

Additionally, the City is reminding citizens about the use of graffiti in the community. “The City is proud of its longstanding partnership with residents, businesses, and visitors to protect the right of self-expression.” However, City officials said concerns surrounding use of graffiti include lowering property values and business opportunities. “Furthermore, by allowing any and all graffiti use, the City may open itself up to allow expression that does not align with our community values of equal opportunity for all.”

Officials said generally speaking it is against the law for someone to deface public or private property with graffiti. However, children under 13 years old or their parents/guardians can use water-soluble chalk on public sidewalks.

Starting Thursday, the City will start cleaning graffiti on public property and will continue doing so throughout the city.

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