URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — For the second year in a row, several Urbana groups gathered at King Park today as they honored Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy by walking for peace.

They walked around the neighborhood of Goodwin and Mathews Ave. Their goal is to find different ways to promote a better way of life.

“Peace is more than just a concept,” Executive Director of Urbana Park District Timothy Bartlett said. “It’s not a day to take off, it’s a day to take on.”

Bartlett said issues like community violence and racial injustice over the last few years motivated them to come together. Though it’s a small gesture, he believes walking together can make a difference as Dr. King did.

“Every act that we take in standing up for peace is an opportunity for somebody that’s facing injustice. Whether it’s any environmental or social, “Bartlett said.

Alvin Scott Griggs Sr. lived in Montgomery, Ala. the same time as Dr. King. He said the lessons he learned from him will last forever.

“He was a very bright and intelligent person. Didn’t take him long to go through school. He was always seeking knowledge. He was always trying to make things better. He was able to work with people,” Griggs said.

City organizers hope to see the number of people come out and continue to grow so they can move to bigger parks to walk in the future.