City of Danville taking steps to help solve crime and curb violence


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) – Another community is taking steps to help solve crime and curb violence in their city. It’s with license plate reader cameras.

The Danville city council voted unanimously to install license plate readers. Those cameras are the same ones that have solved crimes in several other Central Illinois cities.

They aren’t used to monitor traffic violations or record people’s faces. They’re simply used to help solve crime, and give police the first piece of the puzzle. Which is often times a license plate number.

We talked with Flock Safety today. That’s the company providing the cameras for Danville. They said they know a high percentage of crimes involve a vehicle, and many of those crimes go unsolved. That’s when the license plate camera readers come into play.

“We build technology that helps law enforcement work with the citizens they serve to solve crime. So, this is not about traffic enforcement. It’s about capturing vehicles and license plates to help aid in the investigation of serious offenses, and it works. We’re helping solve crimes literally across the country,” Josh Thomas, the Vice President of Marketing for Flock Safety, said.

They said they are solving 300-400 crimes a day across the country.

Danville is set to get 30 license plate cameras to help prevent and solve crime. They hope to get them installed before Christmas.

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