CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The Champaign City Council will consider at its next meeting whether to approve funding to provide temporary emergency housing for people displaced from Champaign Park Apartments.

The funding would number up to $350,000 for people displaced their apartments in the complex. Tenants reported experiencing heating problems starting in October, which resulted in city inspectors condemning affected units and buildings as unlivable during the upcoming winter. Although ordered by a court to provide alternate housing options, complex owner Champaign Apartments Owner LLC, failed to do so, prompting the city to step in and house displaced tenants in area hotels.

Although some repairs were made in December, the extreme cold of Dec. 22 to 24 once again resulted in more calls to the city for service. These calls included reports of heating and water problems and of flooding from burst pipes. The city was once again forced to step in and provide accommodations to people who could not be immediately rehoused by Champaign Apartments Owner LLC.

City inspectors were called out to the complex and again condemned several buildings. As of Jan. 11, 380 apartments in the complex are condemned across 35 buildings, with 56 households staying in local hotels.

The court orders the City of Champaign received also require Champaign Apartments Owner LLC to reimburse the city for any city-paid alternate housing accommodations.

In addition to temporary housing, the city is providing active case management and sharing resources with people impacted by this situation. The city also engaged with local government partners and community service agencies who are also providing aid to displaced tenants.

The City Council will consider the funding at its Jan. 17 meeting.