CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The City of Champaign has announced the latest fiberoptic utility installation projects that will take place in the city.

One of those projects will begin on Monday on Prospect Avenue. City officials said i3 Broadband will be closing one northbound lane of Prospect to accommodate this installation, with the closure planned to end the following Friday, weather permitting.

Traffic on northbound Prospect will be reduced to one lane for the duration of the project. Drivers are encouraged to exercise caution when driving through the area.

The other project the city announced does not have an exact starting date announced yet. i3 will be installing fiberoptic utilities in a residential area of the city located between Prospect Avenue and Russell Street (from east to west) and between Springfield Avenue and Green Street (from north to south).

The construction process will take six to eight weeks from seeing the first utility flags to restoration completion and service activation. Installation will take place in both city-owned rights-of-way and in utility easements on private property.