City looks to address dangerous properties


GIBSON CITY, Ill. (WCIA) — City leaders are discussing what to do about unoccupied homes that have become not just eyesores, but unsafe.

There are three houses in Gibson City that are in a dangerous state.

A police, health, light and nuisance committee meeting was held, where the nature of these properties was brought up.

The roof almost completely caved in on one of them.

Another has windows broken in.

“I want them definitely to try to clean up the area if anything, possibly take the house down if they can, because it’s obviously not livable, you can see just by looking at it,” said Kitty Hahn.

Hahn lives right next door to this property, where she’s concerned about broken glass.

She says her child like to play outside, and she has to keep an even closer eye to make sure they don’t get hurt.

We spoke with city council member Aaron Kafer, who told us the city council has to go over ordinances during their next meeting before anything can be done.

They’re hoping the property owners will be in compliance, and do what it takes to make the houses safe.

But if they don’t cooperate, legal action could be taken, and the city could look into tearing them down.

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