Village looks into odor issue at waste water facility


City taking steps to reduce smell

RANTOUL, Ill. (WCIA)– Some people say they are getting a whiff of an unpleasant smell.

They’ve noticed a much stronger odor than usual coming from the waste water facility. The village says they have been struggling with it for the past few weeks. “I tried to cover my mouth with my coat, and that wasn’t working. I mean it was just horrible,” said Linda Neirenhausen. Neirenhausen says she has worked at this salon for 16 years and hasn’t smelled anything quite like it. “Last Saturday morning, we had people coming in and just saying oh my goodness it is so bad out there,” said Neirenhausen.

The mayor says there’s more than one reason for the stench. “The production at the Rantoul Foods has increased dramatically and so they are putting more of that waste into our sewer system,” said Charles Smith, Mayor of Rantoul. “This problem is actually an opportunity because it was inevitable that they were going to grow and produce more and create more jobs.”

The village says there have also been some mechanical breakdowns in the treatment process at Rantoul Foods. That has also contributed to the issue, but they say none of this has impacted drinking water quality. Now the village is trying to sniff out a solution. “They are taking preventative steps on their part to treat the sewage coming into it the community,” said Smith. “And we’re also treating it on our side. We’re in the process right now of lining the waste water lines that go from the plant to our disposal system to keep down the stench.” They hope these measures will give people some relief soon, and bring an end to a pretty funky situation.

The mayor says they hope to have the problem fully addressed before summer.

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