City leaders plan to break ground on Carle at the Riverfront


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA)– Next week construction on a much anticipated project will take another step forward. City leaders plan to break ground on Carle at the Riverfront.

“They just demolished one of the final properties they need to make improvements to the area. That will be cleaned up over the next week or so,” said Mayor Rickey Williams.

Soon the plot of land will be transformed into a $70 million facility with updated equipment and more space. They will also be able to provide better care for patients.

“We continue to grow as a health system, and we want to bring more to the community. Unfortunately, the community needs that. It’s rated as one of the lowest areas for health outcomes, and part of our mission and our job is to go where the greatest need is,” said Caleb Miller with Carle Health System.

“Sometimes I have had to go to the clinic on Fairchild Street for one thing and Vermilion Street for a completely different one. There have been times when I wrote down the wrong site, and then you end up in the completely wrong place and miss your appointment because you’re too late to be checked in and seen,” said Williams.

They want that to change so more care can be available in one spot. “Our goal is to expand our ambulatory footprint within Vermilion County and that community and this medical campus will help us do that. It will allow us to expand the services there on the inventory side as well as the procedural side,” said Miller.

This is bigger than just a building. City leaders hope this leaves a lasting impression on the entire community. “Seeing the benefits it’s going to have on the neighborhood and downtown area, we already have developers who are interested in coming here to help meet the needs of the workers and the patients that will visit that facility, so I think you’re going to see a lot of economic growth,” said Williams.

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