City leaders call for sidewalk safety education


PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA) — City leaders want to educate children and teens on pedestrian safety ahead of the new school year.

Councilwoman Kammy Johnson Anderson said she’s worried kids don’t understand that the best way to stay safe if they’re walking on the roads is by walking on the side of the street going toward oncoming traffic. She’s especially concerned about the start of the school year in just a matter of weeks.

“If the sun’s up in a certain way, the car’s not going to see them,” Johnson Anderson said. “If a car’s going to hit them, they’re not even going to know till it’s been done.”

Paxton’s engineer has suggested teaming up with the school district to request a grant for establishing safer routes to school, but Johnson Anderson said at this point, she’s more concerned with the immediate deadline of the start of the school year. She wants city leaders to coordinate with the school district and police to create a new educational program about pedestrian safety.

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