City launches Housing Assistance Program


Urbana, Ill. (WCIA) – City leaders in Urbana are helping residents facing economic hardships because of the pandemic.

They are launching the housing assistance program. This will help residents experience loss of income and hence are having difficulty paying their rent, mortgage loans or utility bills. Applicants can be submitted effective immediately. This program is available through the Community Development Block Grant.

“The City of Urbana is very pleased to offer this program to those impacted by the Corona Virus.
Housing stability is very important to our community. Everyone should feel secure in their home, and we’re happy to help with that,” Sheila Dodd, Manager Grants Management Division,

Households experiencing loss of income directly related to COVID-19 may be able to get help
with this program. They need to be in good standing with their rent, mortgage, and utilities as of
March 2020, and have also requested assistance from a lender, their landlord, and/or utility
companies. Priority is placed on households with the lowest median family income.

For more information on the program and to know the eligibility criteria, click here.

To fill out the application form, click here.

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