City council approves on-site marijuana consumption lounge


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The Capitol City will be the first city in the state to allow an on-site consumption lounge at dispensaries.

The city council voted to approve an on-site consumption lounge for the only recreational dispensary in the city. The rule for the lounge is that it will have to be adjacent to the dispensary itself. HCI already has an area ready to go.

The lounge will serve as a social spot in downtown. Once you buy it, you will be able to walk down a hallway to the lounge, where you will be able to consume.

Alderman Doris Turner said Springfield is at the forefront of implementing legal marijuana and this is only one further proof of that.

“We put forward a chance for adults to use a legal, adult recreational substance in a very responsible manner,” said Turner.

There is only one vote against the on-site consumption lounge, which HCI officials said they hope to have open later this year. Currently, the only legal places to consume marijuana are private residences.

Turner said she is working on filing another ordinance, which will allow any dispensary in the city to have an on-site consumption lounge if it passes.

HCI is the only dispensary selling recreational marijuana in Springfield. They are planning on opening a second location on the east side of the city. There is another dispensary in Springfield that has not opened for recreational sales yet. They have two licenses, meaning they can eventually have two locations.

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