City considers harsher penalties for “j-turns”


PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA) — One city council member says she’s fed up with people making illegal U-turns. She wants police to do more to enforce laws against it. It’s happening on South Market Street in downtown Paxton.

A lot of people are calling these “J-turns.” but it’s basically an illegal U-turn. Drivers are turning around and parking on the opposite side from where they’re driving. Mayor Bill Ingold says the part that makes it illegal is crossing over a double-line. An ordinance against it was passed several years ago the city. The ordinance re-enforces the state law against crossing a double-line. Some who drive the route a lot say they see drivers do it a lot.

“You don’t really look around you 100% like you should and easily I could see people… I know a lot of people that of it, and it freaks me out when I’m in the car,” said driver Jessica St. Peter.

Others say they make these turns regularly, but they’re extra careful when they do. There is a $164 fine for people who violate the rule. Aldermen says it’s not about punishing people; it’s about keeping drivers safe.

Ingold says there is a chance police will come down harsher on people who make these turns. Right now, they are just stopping people who do it, and warning them.

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