City asks for help with tree replanting cost


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — The city is asking for your help replacing city trees lost this spring. More than 60 were destroyed by the tornado Memorial Day weekend. Another 80 on top of that were “significantly damaged”.

“Trees play a very important role in mitigating the impacts of climate change and improving quality of life in the city,” said Mayor Diane Marlin.
“So I just want to remind people that if this is one way that they are interested in helping the city, we’d very much appreciate their help,” said Mayor Diane Marlin.

City leaders will be evaluating different sites to figure out where to do the replanting. They’re not asking for a specific amount of donations, but ask people to contribute what they are able to give.

The total cleanup cost of storm debris from the tornado came out to around $131,000. That’s from over time, labor, and equipment. That’s another reason the city is in need of assistance.

Donations will go into a general tree planting fund. That will be used to supplement what the city has already spent. This is different from the city’s program where people can buy trees and have the city plant them.

“One tree at a time makes a difference,” said Marlin.

The general cost of a tree alone is $125 dollars. On top of that, the planting costs around $250 dollars. The total cost of replanting all of the trees lost in the storm would be $22,000.

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