OAKLEY TOWNSHIP, Ill. (WCIA) — If you see thick black smoke in the Oakley Township area on Wednesday, don’t be alarmed.

The City of Decatur officials said that they will remove unwanted vegetation from its Sediment Storage Basin located at the 6700 block of Angle Crossing Rd. in Oakley through a prescribed burn. The city said the vegetation burns very hot and produces thick black smoke that can be alarming to the public.

Officials advise everyone that there are no hazardous materials on site and that you should not be concerned. The city said that safety is their highest priority and that the burn will be conducted by certified and experienced people.

The city said its goal is to keep smoke from blowing toward homes, roadways, and other smoke-sensitive areas. Local authorities and fire officials have already been notified that the burn will be taking place.

The burn will happen throughout the day on March 15, barring any unexpected weather change.

If you have any questions about this, city officials said you can call the Watershed & Lake Management Office at 217-424-2834.