DANVILLE, Ill, (WCIA) — The Danville police department started their eight-week citizen’s police academy tonight.
One of the biggest reasons for the class is to be transparent to the community about how things work at DPD. Tonight Danville’s police chief spoke about how the police department works as a whole. The mayor also talked about how the city works to support its police department. Later people with special units like the swat team and the k-9 unit will talk about their special divisions.
Danville School Resource officer and class instructor Josh Long said, “It gives them a chance to come in and see the inter-workings of our department and where we’re going in the future with our department and what we do on a day to day basis.”
On top of having speakers, there will be demonstrations and people will go through a simulator that is a part of the Danville Area Community Colleges police program. Participants will also be able to go on a four-hour police ride-along with a DPD officer.