Church break in


Pastor and wife find flags near flames

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA)–“Really for me it’s an act of God. I really feel like that is the only reason our church is still here today,” said Kevin Little, Pastor at Bowman Avenue United Methodist Church. On Tuesday afternoon, Pastor Kevin Little and his wife, Emily, walked inside Bowman Avenue United Methodist Church and found shattered glass. Someone had forced their way in. “There were a couple of things knocked over like a bench with a bunch of piano and organ music was knocked over,” said Kevin Little. “I was scared. I didn’t know if someone was still in the church or if it had happened a while before and they were gone,” said Emily Little.

The pastor says someone came in through this window. Then the person came into the basement and walked over to the kitchen. Little says the person put two old flags on the stop, turned all the burners up, and removed the dials and knobs.

“Just a couple of centimeters separated the flag from the flames. It’s a miracle it didn’t catch,” said Kevin Little, “Those flags should have caught fire.” If they had caught fire, the batteries had been taken out of the church’s fire alarm. The only thing they noticed missing was something used to keep bats away. At this point they don’t know why someone would do this. “I hope that this person has a chance to think why that wasn’t a good decision,” said Kevin Little. However, they’re remaining grateful things didn’t turn out worse. “I feel like this was a good sign this church isn’t done doing work for God,” said Emily Little.

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