URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — The grinch came early to one Urbana neighborhood. Homeowners woke up this morning to find some of their Christmas decorations missing. It happened near Ridge Park Road and Myra Ridge Drive.

One man caught the theft on camera. First you see the thief’s car pull up and stop. A minute later one person is running off with an inflatable Christmas tree. While the other is trying to get an inflatable yeti.

The homeowner said luckily the yeti was more secure. But this wasn’t the only theft of the night.

Just a couple doors down, one neighbor said two of her decorations were stolen. Chris Urich said she dedicated a week to putting up the inflatables. And this morning all she was met with was cut wires.

“It’s just really, really sad that people have to go to that extent. You know, we were hard. There’s just– I’m a giver and I love doing for people and I just don’t understand,” said Urich.

For Urich her Christmas decorations held a deeper meaning. Since losing her son, she uses her Christmas decor as a way to honor to him.

Urich said she is going to add more surveillance to her home. After catching the thieves on video, the other homeowner said he’s going to chain together all the decorations on his lawn.