CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Keith Cameron-Smith has put up a light display his entire adult life.
Cameron-Smith said, “It started and it has grown. I tell people that it’s a hobby out of control.”
He strives to add something new every year.
“This year I added the, what I’m calling starburst,” Cameron-Smith said.
He said sometimes people drop off cookies or a small gift with a letter, but he doesn’t do it for gifts or recognition. His goal is to brighten people’s day.

Cameron-Smith said, “The repeat visitors the number of people who come here every year it’s part of their holiday experience, something that they look forward to,” he said, “We had a family last year that had some small children. They were here every night at 5:00 pm it was part of their daily routine.”
Visitor Olivia Moline said, “I’ve come here about once a year since probably Middle School or so.”
Moline is one of those repeat visitors. Sometimes she’ll even visit more than once for special occasions.
Moline said, “It can be multiple times a year. If I have a bunch of different family visiting town. I’ll be like oh hey do you want to come and see this really cool display,” she said, “It’s just so cool because the songs are endless and every time you come here it’s a different song.”
As for her favorite part.
“My favorite part is there’s a Santa that sings along if their lyrics going on,” said Moline.

Cameron-smith said he gets thousands of visitors every year that stop by to look at the lights. The Lights are on the corner of prospect and green croft drive in Champaign. The display will be up until January 3rd. You can visit from four 30 until 11 o’clock.