Chlorine shortage affects pool owners


Chlorine tablets (Getty Images)

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Pool owners can expect to pay more for chlorine this summer – there is a shortage of the tablets.

At Cardinal Outdoor in Champaign – they are only allowing customers to buy a limited amount of chlorine.

The owner says the shortage comes from many issues. More people were building pools on their properties because of the pandemic. That created a higher demand for chlorine.

“It’s really an issue of supply and demand because demand is way up because people have been locked down in their homes and supply is all the way down because manufacturing is kind of locked down,” says Co-owner John Pauza. “In addition to all that, the main U.S. Chlorine Manufacturing Plant burned down last year, and then also, the shipping industry is having problems.”

Pauza says don’t panic buy. They are expecting a shipment within the next couple of weeks.

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