Children receive new Amtrykes at the State Fair


SPRINGFIELD (Ill.) — The American Business Club of Springfield, or the AMBUCS, hosted their annual Amtryke giveaway at the State Fair today.

Amtrykes are specially designed tricycles for children with mobility challenges. Amtrykes give the kids the opportunity to ride around with their friends even though they can’t ride a normal bike. Four children were given Amtrykes at the State Fair Saturday.

The Amtryke serves another purpose than just having fun.

“These Amtrykes assist (the children) with those challenges as a part of their therapy,” Dave Kelm, President of AMBUCS, said.

After a short ceremony, the kids took to the streets of the fair on their new rides. Breanna Reese is one of the kids who received an Amtryke.

I’m a little speed demon,” Reese said. “I can go as fast as I want, and sometimes I can even go faster than my wheelchair.”

This is Breanna’s third Amtryke. As she has gotten older, she has needed to get bigger and bigger Amtrykes. She said she likes her new bike because its fast and her knees don’t hit the handle bars like they did on her old bike.

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