Childcare providers needed as parents return to work and summer arrives


Champaign, Ill. (WCIA) —

“You still have families that still need care, and so it makes it hard for them to get the care,” Darlene Anderson, Director of Bundles of Joy Learning Center, said.

Families are struggling to find daycare centers as the summer months come around. Several places have been dealing with an employee shortage, but now daycares are feeling the problem, and there’s been an influx of more kids.

Bundles of Joy Learning Center in Champaign said it’s hard to have enough staff. Anderson said earlier in the pandemic her employees also got Covid, so then it was difficult to keep staffing levels up.

She also said with people going back to work and school being out, she’s getting two to three phone calls a day from people asking if there’s room for their kids.

“A lot of them are school-agers and because they don’t have anywhere else for them to go we may have a spot for one of the younger ones, but we don’t have anything for the school-agers because we are full,” Anderson said.

She said she hates turning people away, but her business is already at full capacity. WCIA reached out to other daycares in the area. They said they were having the same problem.

Childcare shortage is happening around the United States and the number of providers is down about 13% since the start of the pandemic. The number of people working in the industry also dropped by 16%. Experts fear it could get worse.

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