Child leads event to help homeless


Hundreds support efforts to raise money for those in poverty

MAHOMET, Ill. (WCIA)– More than 200 people showed up to show off their skills on the court to help people in need. Meet the person behind it all, Nathan Stabler, a little boy with big dreams. “It changed me because I had no idea how innocent an 8 year old boy’s dream can be and how impactful it can become,” said Wendy Stabler. Nathan Sabler is raising money for the homeless in Champaign County to help them afford the essentials. “Like toys and food and water or something like that,” said Nathan Stabler.

He is a part of Leaders for Life. As a member of the group, he had to do a community event. He told his parents what he had in mind, so they combined everything he loves to help the homeless. “Sports is my life and my friends and my family,” said Nathan Stabler. “It tuggged at my heart that people didn’t have an address,” said Stabler. “I had no idea that my 8 year old child actually noticed people in the community who were going through challenges in their lives,” said Wendy Stabler.

The Champaign County Continuum of Care said as of January last year there were 188 homeless people in Champaign County. That’s up from 160 in 2017. All of the money raised is going to Salt and Light Ministries to help. “When you have an 8 year old and his family who are willing and wanting to take on that challenge, that’s pretty special,” said Nathan Montgomery from Salt and Light. Wendy Sabler and Nathan say this went far beyond their expectations. “Great. It just has a good feeling,” said Nathan. “I made him stop and I made him look at what had taken place and I said look what a thought an idea and caring for somebody else and putting them before yourself. Look what you’ve created,” said Stabler.

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