Check the date before you hunt


ILLINOIS (WCIA) — State leaders are warning you to be careful where you go to check the dates for hunting.

If you Google the dates, you may find that firearm season is this weekend. That’s not the case. That’s because the 2018 dates are popping up on Google above the 2019 dates. Hunting experts want you to double check before you head out.

The correct dates can be found in the IDNR’s guide below.

2019 IDNR hunting season guide

“We just got the state’s digest in for the new hunting regulations for the year, so I mean you can come in here and pick them up, but the important thing is that you click on the link for the IDNR’s website…. best way to clear it up,” said Hunter’s Haven owner Cole Thompson.

If someone is found hunting with a firearm at the wrong date, they could face fines. Conservation officers say those fines could start around $195 for a petty offense or go up to a class A misdemeanor, which may require a mandatory court appearance.

If you’re ever unsure of the dates for hunting, check the ones on your permit. They will always be correct. Anyone with questions should call an IDNR Conservation Officer. Officer Jeremy Ausmus can be reached for questions at (309) 319-5426.

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