CHATHAM, Ill. (WCIA) — The Chatham Police Department is warning the community of a scam it recently became aware of.

Chatham Police officials said on the department Facebook page that the scammers are sending text messages to people that say department merchandise, like clothing, is for sale. The texts also provide a link to a purported store.

Officials said the department has not partnered with anyone to sell department merchandise in this manner. Any texts advertising as such are “almost 100 percent likely to be a complete and total scam.”

“It is truly a sad day when the scammers are using police departments as leverage in their never-ending quest to deceive, con, and defraud good people,” the department said. “Don’t be fooled by these people or give them a dime of your hard-earned money.”

Taylorville Police shared Chatham Police’s post to their own Facebook page, saying they have not been informed of scammers using their name and are just trying to raise awareness. They further advised that people should not click on links from unknown phone numbers.