CHARLESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — Three people were arrested in Charleston over the course of several days after Charleston Police said they were found to be in possession of methamphetamine.

The first arrest happened the night of New Year’s Eve. Officials said an officer pulled over Trenton Butler after they observed him driving the wrong way on Lincoln Avenue. When they arrived at the driver-side window, the officer saw drug paraphernalia inside Butler’s car and also saw suspected meth residue in the glove box when Butler reached for his insurance details. The residue was field tested and came back as positive for meth.

The second arrest happened the following day and involved a short foot chase. An officers pulled over Blake Hastings on Monroe Avenue due to him having an active warrant for his arrest. When he stopped his car, Hastings tried to flee on foot, but was caught seconds later. Approximately 10 grams of meth were found in his pants pocket during a subsequent search.

The third arrest happened on Jan. 4. An officer observed Britni Donaldson at a home on Madison Street she had been previously banned from and also observed as she gained access to a car that belonged to the homeowner. After confirming with the homeowner that Donaldson did not have permission to be at the home or take the car, she was arrested for possessing a stolen vehicle. While being processed, officers found meth on her person.

All three arrestees were booked into the Coles County Jail on meth possession charges. Butler and Donaldson were charged with possessing less than five grams of meth (a Class 3 felony) while Hastings was charged with possessing between five and 15 grams (a Class 2 felony). Butler and Hastings were released on zero-dollar bonds while Donaldson, also charged with a Class 2 felony of possession of a stolen vehicle, was given a $75,000 bond.