CHARLESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — Revival City Doughnuts in Charleston is celebrating after being ranked a top-25 doughnut shop in the U.S.

Owner Marschell McCoy said she couldn’t have done without her community.

“I appreciate the fact that the local community and the region have embraced Revival City Doughnuts,” McCoy said.

She said that she started Revival City Doughnuts to bring a local doughnut spot to Charleston. Coming up on two years of serving the delicious treat, they were recently ranked as one of the best shops in the country.

“We are well-embraced by the community, well-supported by the community,” McCoy said. “We don’t just have customers, we have fans. You put all of those things together and it’s a recipe for success. We are just going forward and going onward and we are just enjoying the ride.”

To celebrate, they handed out $0.25 coffees and no-cost mini doughnuts. First-timer Jennifer Callaway was excited to try the famous treat. She heard from friends and family that Revival City was a hot spot for doughnuts. So when she came to visit, she made it a point to stop by and try it.

“I’m up here for my friend’s wedding and my sister’s graduation and we stopped by because there was a super long line every time we came and they were sold out, so we were like ‘We have to stay longer now,'” Callaway said. “So we made sure to get up early enough to get here in time.”

After trying the first bite, she gave the seal of approval.