ATWOOD, Ill. (WCIA) — The investigation into a woman’s death in Atwood has resulted in charges being filed against two people, police announced.

After a two-month investigation and a review of the case by the Douglas County State’s Attorney, Atwood Police Chief Joe Duncan said arrest warrants were issued for obstruction of justice in the death of 21-year-old Meyha Evans. She was found dead on Aug. 19 in a home on North Iowa Street, and her death was considered suspicious.

The people charged with obstruction of justice are Matthew Arbuckle and Haylee Bowles, Duncan said. In addition, Arbuckle is charged with concealment of a death.

Officers said after the overdose, Arbuckle drove Evans’ body from North Pitt County and put the body in Evans’ Atwood home.

Atwood Police served Arbuckle’s arrest warrant at the Coles County Jail, where he was being held for a probation violation. Bowles was charged for lying several times during police interviews. She has not been found yet.

Duncan said this is the third drug-related death in the village between January and August. Two out of three were adults in their early 20s.

“Fentanyl is a plague in America right now,” Duncan said. “It’s killing a lot of people and unfortunately the village of Atwood is no different.”

Duncan added that new information found during the investigation into Evans’ death prompted his department to reopen an investigation into the death of Eian Urban. He was found dead from an overdose in January. Urban was Evans’ boyfriend.

An anonymous person we talked to said he knew of Evans from living in the community and dying so young is a tragedy.

“I have younger siblings and that raises a lot of concern for me because a lot of this stuff is even going through schools,” he said. “There’s a lot of stuff that’s been going on in town. Things that just shouldn’t never happen, including these drugs.”

He said now is the time for people to come forward and stop this.

“Whoever it is if you know them turn them in because it’s only killing people,’ he said. “It’s destroying families and ultimately, it’s destroying the lives of the young people that are taking these drugs.”

Anyone who has further information about either case is asked to contact Atwood Police at 217-578-3141.