Changes to intersection


MOULTRIE COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA)–Tuesday afternoon a crash happened near the intersection of 800 North and Route 32 south of Sullivan. “He stated he did not see the northbound unit and basically turned right in front of the northbound unit that was traveling approximately 55 miles an hour,” said Chris Sims, Moultrie County Sheriff. One person was sent to the hospital. There have been accidents there before. In 2017 a bus carrying the Teutopolis boys’ basketball team was hit by a mini van that pulled out in front of them. Last September, two people died after a crash between a Sullivan school bus and an SUV. IDOT is working on several improvements. They say some changes to signage have already been made, but the county engineer says more is on the way.

“It will involve a four way stop condition. They’ve got some geometric improvements which is essentially they’re going to widen out the radii a little bit for trucks and put islands in so they can put the stop signs in there,” said Jeff Birch, Moultrie County Engineer. However, the county engineer says it’s going to take time to get those improvements done. Work is expected to start spring of next year. “They have to then design the project and then out for bids. That’s what they’ve been doing,” said Birch. While the wait continues, the sheriff says there are things you can do to stay safe. “People really just need to focus on driving. They need to look,” said Sims, “If you stop and then it’s your turn or have the right of way, always make sure that the opposing lanes, make sure that they’re going to comply or stop.” The sheriff says the accident that happened Tuesday afternoon was the only crash at that intersection since last September’s deadly crash.

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